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Navigating the journey to conquer the COMLEX Level 2 CE and PE exams is daunting for many medical students, presenting complex challenges beyond academics. Transitioning from the foundational knowledge tested in COMLEX Level 1 to the more advanced clinical reasoning, patient management skills, and comprehensive medical knowledge required for Level 2, students need a deeper understanding of clinical medicine. This transition often reveals gaps in clinical skills and the application of medical knowledge in real-world scenarios, underscoring the need for enhanced patient interaction skills and a more dynamic, strategic approach to studying.

Our COMLEX Level 2 prep course leads the way in the United States, providing an unparalleled review program tailored for medical students determined to pass the COMLEX Level 2 CE and PE exams on their first try. Equipped with a comprehensive array of study materials, from an extensive CE question bank and engaging PE workshops to in-depth lecture notes and full-length practice exams, we offer every tool needed for success. Our flexible online platform and live sessions ensure that, no matter where you are, from bustling cities like New York and Los Angeles to any location worldwide, premier preparation resources are readily available.

COMLEX Level 2 Live and Online Prep Course

Facing COMLEX Level 2’s clinical application emphasis introduces significant stress and hurdles in a student’s study regimen, necessitating a blend of vast material assimilation, customized study techniques, and the management of ongoing medical education alongside clinical duties. The critical impact of these exams on a medical student’s future, particularly in securing competitive residency spots, underscores the need for a preparation strategy that not only encompasses a thorough understanding of the required content but also caters to the individual’s learning preferences and scheduling needs. This approach guarantees academic proficiency and maintains the learner’s well-being during this intense preparation phase.

Our COMLEX Level 2 courses are meticulously designed to cater to every medical student’s study preferences and geographical location. Available in both live and online formats, these courses provide personalized study experiences to ensure you are best prepared for the COMLEX Level 2 CE (Cognitive Evaluation) and PE (Performance Evaluation) exams.

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COMLEX Level 2 Live and Online Course Subject Breakdown

The GoldUSMLE COMLEX Level 2 Prep Course is meticulously designed to cover all fundamental and critical aspects necessary for mastering the COMLEX Level 2 CE and PE exams. Our comprehensive curriculum addresses the unique requirements of these exams, ensuring a thorough understanding and application of clinical knowledge and skills.

Key Subjects Covered:


  • Osteopathic Principles and Practice (OPP): Building on the foundation laid in Level 1, our course delves deeper into osteopathic principles, emphasizing their application in clinical scenarios and patient care, including advanced manipulative medicine techniques.
  • Clinical Science Review: Our curriculum extends beyond basic sciences to include in-depth coverage of clinical disciplines such as internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, and psychiatry, aligning with the high-yield topics and competencies required for the COMLEX Level 2 exams.
  • Pathology and Pathophysiology: A comprehensive review of disease processes and their mechanisms is crucial. Our course provides detailed insights into pathology and pathophysiology, equipping students to effectively diagnose and manage complex patient care scenarios.
  • Pharmacology: Our extensive pharmacology review covers drug mechanisms, therapeutic applications, and the integration of pharmacological knowledge into patient care, tailored to the clinical focus of the COMLEX Level 2 exams.
  • Behavioral Science, Ethics, and Medical Jurisprudence: Understanding patient care’s psychological, sociocultural, and ethical aspects is essential. Our curriculum includes comprehensive coverage of these areas to prepare students for the holistic approach required in osteopathic medicine.
  • Public Health, Biostatistics, and Epidemiology: Emphasizing evidence-based medicine, our course covers essential concepts in public health, biostatistics, and epidemiology, preparing students for their critical role in addressing public health challenges.
COMLEX Level 2 Prep Course

Practice Exams, Personalized Study Plans, Tutoring and Support

Our COMLEX Level 2 prep course emphasizes a multifaceted approach to exam preparation, integrating practice exams, personalized study plans, and dedicated support to ensure a comprehensive and practical study experience.

  • Practice Exams: Our course includes full-length COMLEX Level 2 CE and PE practice exams designed to mirror the actual exam format and difficulty. These practice exams are an invaluable tool for assessing readiness, identifying areas for improvement, and refining test-taking strategies.
  • Personalized Study Plans: Recognizing the diversity of student needs and learning styles, we offer dynamic, customized study plans. These plans are continuously adapted based on performance in practice exams and self-assessments, ensuring targeted and efficient preparation.
  • Tutoring and Support: Our faculty includes experienced educators and physicians who have excelled in the COMLEX exams. They provide live tutoring, feedback, and support, addressing individual questions and concerns. This personalized guidance is complemented by our online resources, including lecture videos, flashcards, and question banks, offering a comprehensive support system for our students.

Integrating practice exams, personalized study plans, and expert tutoring in our COMLEX Level 2 prep course is designed to build confidence and ensure students are thoroughly prepared to pass and excel in the exams. By focusing on both the breadth of knowledge and the depth of understanding, we empower our students to achieve their best possible performance on the COMLEX Level 2 CE and PE exams, setting a solid foundation for their future medical careers.

What Sets Our COMLEX Level 2 Review Course Apart?

Our COMLEX Level 2 Prep Course distinguishes itself through a unique combination of features that cater to the rigorous demands of the COMLEX Level 2 CE and PE exams. Here are the elements that make our course unparalleled in preparing students for these critical assessments:

  • Adaptive Learning Technology: We leverage state-of-the-art adaptive learning technologies to personalize the study experience, ensuring that each student focuses on areas where they need the most improvement. This personalized approach increases study efficiency and effectiveness, significantly enhancing learning outcomes.
  • Expert Instructors: Our team consists of seasoned professionals who have excelled in the COMLEX exams and have extensive teaching experience. Their expertise is instrumental in breaking down complex concepts into manageable insights, making challenging content more accessible and understandable.
  • Comprehensive Content Coverage: From live COMLEX level 2 review course offerings to online level 2 pe COMLEX course materials, our curriculum covers every aspect of the COMLEX Level 2 exams. This comprehensive approach ensures that students are well-prepared for the breadth and depth of content tested.
  • High-Fidelity Practice Questions: Our practice exams and question banks are meticulously crafted to reflect the format and difficulty of the actual COMLEX Level 2 exams. This realistic practice experience is crucial for students to familiarize themselves with the exam’s nuances, helping to reduce anxiety and improve performance on test day.
  • Personalized Support and Feedback: Beyond the academic material, our course provides customized tutoring and support, addressing each student’s unique needs and concerns. This level of individual attention ensures that students can overcome specific challenges and build confidence as they prepare for the exams.
  • Success Rate: Our students consistently achieve high pass rates and scores on the COMLEX Level 2 exams, a testament to the effectiveness of our preparation strategies and resources.

By choosing our review course, students gain access to an unmatched combination of resources, expertise, and personalized support designed to maximize their exam performance and advance their careers in osteopathic medicine.


COMLEX Level 2 Rapid Course for US and International Students

In response to the diverse needs of our student population, we offer the COMLEX Level 2 Rapid Course, designed to provide an accelerated preparation option for both US and international medical students. This course is ideal for students who need a comprehensive review in a condensed timeframe without sacrificing the quality or depth of their exam preparation.

Features of our rapid course include:

  • Accelerated Learning: Tailored for students close to their exam date or with limited study time, our rapid course compresses essential content and strategies into a shorter timeframe, enabling efficient and adequate preparation.
  • Global Accessibility: With options for online COMLEX level 2 CE review courses and offsite COMLEX level 2 course materials, students from across the globe, including major US cities and international locations like Toronto, India, and Australia, can access our top-tier preparation resources.
  • Customized Study Plans: Even within the accelerated format, our study plans are personalized to address each student’s strengths and weaknesses, ensuring focused preparation on areas that will most impact their exam performance.
  • Expert Instruction: Our rapid course is led by the same team of experienced instructors who teach our comprehensive courses, ensuring that students receive the highest quality education, regardless of the accelerated format.

The COMLEX Level 2 Rapid Course is ideal for students seeking a fast, focused, and flexible approach to COMLEX Level 2 prep. With this course, students can maximize their study efficiency and enter their exams with confidence, fully prepared to excel.

Frequently Asked Questions about COMLEX Level 2

What is a good COMLEX Level 2 score?

A good COMLEX Level 2 score is generally considered to be above 500, which indicates a strong understanding of the material and is viewed favorably by residency programs. Scores above 600 are considered excellent and can significantly enhance a residency application.

How long is COMLEX Level 2?

COMLEX Level 2 CE (Cognitive Evaluation) is an 8-hour exam divided into two sessions of 4 hours each, typically completed in one day. The COMLEX Level 2 PE (Performance Evaluation) is also conducted in one day, but the duration may vary based on the number of patient encounters.

How many questions are on COMLEX Level 2?

The COMLEX Level 2 CE exam consists of approximately 352 multiple-choice questions. These questions are divided into several blocks, each designed to test a wide range of medical knowledge.

How to study for COMLEX Level 2?

Studying for COMLEX Level 2 involves a comprehensive approach that includes reviewing clinical knowledge from core rotations, practicing with question banks, engaging in self-assessment to identify weak areas, and utilizing dedicated prep courses for targeted study.

When do you take COMLEX Level 2?

COMLEX Level 2 is typically taken after the third year of medical school or early in the fourth year after completing core clinical clerkships. This timing allows students to apply their clinical experience to the examination.

How to prepare for COMLEX Level 2?

Preparation for COMLEX Level 2 should include a mix of review courses, self-study, question banks, and practice exams. Tailoring your study plan to address weak areas while reinforcing strengths and simulating exam conditions can also be beneficial.

How long is COMLEX Level 2 PE?

The COMLEX Level 2 PE exam duration is approximately 7 hours, including orientation, patient encounters, and break times. The exam assesses clinical skills through a series of standardized patient interactions.

When are COMLEX Level 2 scores released?

Scores for COMLEX Level 2 are usually released within 8-10 weeks following the exam date. Candidates can access their scores through the NBOME website or receive notifications via email.

When to take COMLEX Level 2?

The ideal time to take COMLEX Level 2 is after completing core clinical clerkships during the third or early fourth year of medical school. This allows students to leverage their clinical experiences and knowledge for the exam.