we have helped several thousands of students pass the USMLE step 2 CS over the past decade and have successfully helped them reach their desired residency program. We here at GoldUSMLE Review will do our best to help IMGs and AMGs excel on their upcoming USMLE examinations and eventually secure a residency position.

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 ***We will still be running all 2020 USMLE step1, step2CS, step2CK, step3 live and online classes as scheduled without cancellation. We are still providing services to our students and we have NOT cancelled any class. We have opened up additional seats to our virtual online classroom due to the current COVID 19 situation. Our facilities are fully equipped with N95 masks, nitrile/latex gloves, Microban 24 disinfectant in each room, Purell touch free sanitizer and we will be applying social distancing.   
***All students that attend a 2020 USMLE step 2 CS workshop past June 2020 will receive a free additional 2021 or 2022 USMLE step 2 CS workshop. Due to the COVID19 situation with the USMLE postponing CS exams until June 2021 of next year,  we are offering a 3 item VOUCHER in addition for any 2020 USMLE workshop.  THERE WILL BE NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. However, we will still be running all USMLE live and online classes as scheduled without cancellation in 2020.
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All sales are final. There is a strict no refund policy for all practice exams and USMLE classes as depicted on your eConfirmation emails when you signed up and this website. Only EXCHANGES are permitted to any date until 2030. We typically charge $250 fee for any rescheduling that takes place.  Due to the current COVID-19 situation we will be offering a courtesy by waiving this rescheduling fee until you are able to secure a test date. We still maintain the NO REFUND POLICY AS EXCHANGES ARE ONLY PERMITTED. We must reject students when a class becomes full.  We cannot get the students back that once asked to sign up and was turned down since the class became full. Therefore we have a strict no refund policy in place since inception. The no refund policy is also depicted on the eConfirmation email when you signed up along with this website.  This policy protects small businesses from loss and intellectual theft. We need to fund patients and facility expenses well in advance of the course. You can exchange to any date in the future. We need to provide at least 12 cases for the students and we cannot send home or cancel patients. We also reject students once a class or exam becomes full, so it is important to show up on time to every class or exam. All refund requests must be made within 24 hours of an active USMLE class if necessary, after 24 hours there is no refund policy. .Any no show or tardiness to a practice exam will result in the student having to pay again for that exam as we are running on a set schedule and we cannot delay the exam process for 1 student. Any disruptive behavior or IRREGULAR behavior in class or during the practical exam process will result in dismissal without refund. If you do not show up for your practice exam OR ANY USMLE WORKSHOP without giving 24 hours notice either with Email, phone call or text message you will be required to pay the $500 no show fee to return for a makeup exam OR ANY makeup USMLE WORKSHOP.