we have helped several thousands of students pass the USMLE step 2 CS over the past decade and have successfully helped them reach their desired residency program. We here at GoldUSMLE Review will do our best to help IMGs and AMGs excel on their upcoming USMLE examinations and eventually secure a residency position.

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(via virtual classroom w/ flexible start and end dates w/ new classes starting every Monday**)

(8 weeks) (MON-FRI 9-4pm) online and live in person courses-

Oct 12- Dec 4 2020

Oct 19-Dec 11 2020

Oct 26- Dec 18 2020

Nov 30 2020- Jan 22 2021

Jan 25- March 19 2021

April 19- June 11 2021

    • 13 weekend class dates-(FRI, 5-9 SAT 12-8pm , SUN 12-8pm)

Oct 9- Jan 3 2021

Nov 20- Feb 7 2021

Feb 12-May 2 2021

May 7- Aug 1 2021

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    • Our online or live USMLE step1 rapid review course will emphasize MCQ mastery and high yield 2020 lecture content to reinforce the MCQ sets. Our review will cover all of the following topics:

-General Principles
-Blood & Lymphoreticular/Immune Systems

-Behavioral Health

-Nervous Systems/Special Senses


-Skin & Subcutaneous Tissue

-Cardiovascular System

– Renal/Urinary Systems

-Gastrointestinal System
-Reproductive & Endocrine Systems
-Multisystem Processes & Disorders
-Biostatistics & Epidemiology/Population Health Social Sciences: Communication Skills/Ethics

-Basic Sciences


NOTE: All of our GOLDUSMLE Step 1 Prep Courses have  over 99% Success Rate with our 2020 Student pool.

  • Sessions available each Month with Classes running from Monday through Friday from 9:00am – 4pm ONLINE VIA VIDEO CONFERENCING OR IN PERSON AT OUR CENTERS IN HOUSTON OR ATLANTA.
  • Space is Limited per Session to provide an exceptional experience to each student so it is recommend to register early to ensure you get a spot in your desired session.


Complete Step 1 Prep In Just 8 Weeks  or 13  Weekends With An Over 99% Student Success Rate

  • Comprehensive Lectures Created By MDs 
  • – Exclusive Multiple Choice Exams Tied to Each Core Lecture
  • – Coverage & Analysis of Over 1500 In-Class Practice Questions
  • – Daily, At-Home Subject-Based Practice Exams
  • – Weekly Comprehensive Assessment Exams
  • – High-Yield GOLD Drill Series 
  • – USMLE Question Breakdown Tutorials & Strategies
  • – Jeopardy-Style Group Games Covering High-Yield Info
  • – High Quality Charts, Images, Graphs, etc.
  • – Limited, Small Class Sizes for 1-on-1 Interaction

Question based instruction, which is geared towards:

  • Addressing high yield concepts through questions, while understanding and applying the concepts to the question
  • Covering 50 Gold High Yield QBANK questions daily
  • Thorough question review, in which each student is given the opportunity to uncover and digest content for the test

What sets this program apart?

  • AMG and IMG Medical schools refer students to this program
  • NBME Shelf Subject Exam coupons provided for live classes only to be used in the center, with performances reviewed every 15 days
  • Highly competent and accomplished teachers provide a kind, caring, and nurturing environment
  • The  live center is open in Houston, Texas and Atlanta, GA from 9 AM to 9 PM, sessions last from 9AM- 4PM Monday-Friday  AFTER 4PM students can use the facility to read, practice, and dialogue with others. The facility has extensive functional features including; lecture hall, examination study rooms, a computer lab, and classrooms.
  • Rolling start dates
      • Complete workshop in either 8 weeks, or 13 weeks course based on your preference.
      • Enrollment for the course happens every other Monday, with Monday start dates.


      • FOR $1599 discounted from $2099
      • Please Click “Buy Now” below and enter your card information to reserve your seat. Please also fill out the Registration Form on this page to fix the dates to the payment.




Fri (5-9pm), Sat (12pm-7pm),Sun (12-7pm)


  • Please Click “Buy Now” below and enter your card information to reserve your seat. Please also fill out the Registration Form on this page to fix the dates to the payment. 


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“I was able to finish all of my blocks in time during the my real STEP1 exam and I strongly recommend this course, as I learned so much from the high yield RAPID REVIEW. My speed and timing was the key and I developed this speed during the sessions. Dr Thomas taught me how I should focus on finding the keywords in the question vignette and this definitely helped me cut down my time and prevented the mistakes I was making earlier while practicing.  The review strengthened my knowledge base and gave me the tools to succeed on the real exam. “

– Dr. Caroline S. Emory School of Medicine


 “Being in the GOLDUSMLE review for Step 1 was the best decision I could take. Everyone in the program try to the best so you can complete your goals. I had studied for the Step 1 for a lot of period of time without any result. The environment and the method of teaching is the best. I strongly recommended to anyone that want to get a good result in the USMLE examination. I am going to continue in the program for Step 2 because I think that is the best program in the market all the people really motivate you to accomplish your goals. Thank you very much for the preparation the program is excellent.”

-Dr Karim M.



“Im an IMG and if you are too we all share the same step 1 struggle! After a year of pulling my hairs out spending 12 hours a day studying in the library. I finally decided to go get professional help. My final push to get over this exam. GoldUSMLE was able to provide the resources and strategy I was missing. From bullet drills to one on one tutoring, the weekly 8 hour sims, and the most important part meeting other students in your shoes reminding you that your not alone with this monster of an exam. GoldUSMLE prep through me a rope to pull me out of the dark hole that I had fallen into. I recommend this program to all my friends as well as anyone who needs there final push to get over the steps. I will definitely be back for Step 2 CK as well as Step 3. Thank you again GoldUSMLE see you guys in a few months for Step 2!!!”

– Dr Sunila B.



“Being amongst peers who have also faced hurdles in medical school exams really encouraged me. With the combination of tutoring, lectures, drills and practice exams I filled knowledge gaps, gained test day stamina and learned to apply new techniques when approaching questions. I succeeded in completing my USMLE STEP 1 exam with a score I am proud of! I would recommend GOLDUSMLE to any student who needs extra help prepping.”

-Dr Brendan R.


I am very grateful to the team at GOLDUSMLE who helped me pass Step 1!I found the strengths of the program to be 1) the strategy they teach to approach exam questions 2) one on one tutoring – it helped to have someone to talk out the questions with, and to help me with concepts I was iffy on, and to provide encouragement and accountability 3) the learning environment. While you’re here studying with everyone else, it gives you a high motivation to maintain your study hours even on those off days that are tough study days 4) from my classmates who were all in the same boat I was and provided encouragement, motivation, and valuable study buddies to the staff who cared about me as an individual and made the effort to help me get over my own hurdles to taking the test, people were friendly and kind. I needed a structured way to study for step 1. This program was excellent in providing 1 on 1 feedback, structure, and accountability. They also made a schedule for me of practice questions I needed to finish every day. So working on your question bank is a high priority here. While I was here, I finished one question bank, and made a dent in another one. Finally, you get out what you put into this course. The days are long. If you are willing work hard and aren’t afraid to try a new approach, this program could help you like it helped me. If I can do it, you can do it!I raised my score by over 30 points! Thank you!!  

Dr Annabelle N.



“I believe GOLDUSMLE was a big help in helping me pass the USMLE Step 1 boards exam. I am skeptical about prep courses as I have attended one for the MCAT and found out that I did better after self studying for it. However, when I got to studying for USMLE Step 1, I got stuck with how to study for it. GOLDUSMLE gave me an organized approach and consistent coaching/tutoring that helped me answer the questions and actually learn better what I didn’t know, giving me the knowledge to attack my weak spots and have better memory in those areas. The location was also a help, taking me away from any distraction and solely focus on the studies set before me. Their staff is very friendly and are all willing to help you through difficult subjects. I recommend anyone who gets “stuck” in their studying for a medical board exam to give GOLDUSMLE a try. Their analysis of your testing capabilities and struggles and the consistent tutoring was a big help to me achieving a passing score for Step 1.”




“GOLDUSMLE prep is an outstanding prep course with great focused and personalized training for USMLE Step 1. Before coming here I tried several other prep courses and non of them seemed to have helped me as much as this prep course. I found the drills in the morning extremely helpful along with the one-on-one tutoring. Not only did I gain more knowledge but I was also able to acquire outstanding test taking strategies and gain confidence for future tests. After spending a few weeks, this course proved to be very helpful for me as I improved my Step 1 scores by more than 20 points and felt well prepared for the exam. I had such a great experience with Step 1 I decided to come back and study here for step 2CK. The staff here have been very helpful and encouraging!! Of course you still have to put in the hard work but this course helps you get on the right track. I am very grateful to this program and I encourage anyone that is looking to improve their scores to take a good look at GOLDUSMLE, currently starting residency and I owe a lot to GOLDUSMLE prep for getting me in the best position to succeed.”  




“GOLDUSMLE  was definitely the best choice I made for my board preparations. They helped me overcome the issues I had with Step1 through personalized tutoring and concept understanding. Class sizes are small so you can get the extra help you need in lectures, and they dedicate themselves to making sure each student understands the high yield material. Question based tutoring helps your test taking techniques and timing for the exam. Drills solidify knowledge and rapid recall. The strong foundation I got at GOLDUSMLE not only helped me pass Step 1 but also with higher scores than I had anticipated I HAD IMPROVED 70 PTS FROM MY NBME PRACTICE. I am now going into residency, but I will always be grateful to GOLDUSMLE !!!”




“GOLDUSMLE really worked for me! I raised my official step 1 score by 20 points to pass with a very competitive score. A certain online video review course had not worked for me, so I really benefited from this ONLINE review course with one-on-one tutoring. If you are like me and value feedback on your method, I believe you will find this program to be very helpful and effective.  A program like GOLDUSMLE can help you improve your strategy and Step score while offering a good environment for study, but you must be present and engaged to benefit from it. I highly recommend this program, and I can attest to the success of the program, as can many others who struggled with boards and are now in residencies. It worked for me, so I know it can work for you. I remember the first day of class, I sat there thinking, “Why wasn’t medical school like this?” The lectures cover high-yield information for boards; what I expected from a boards review course. What impressed me was how complete it was, more so than DIT. The lectures strike this balance and break down what you need to focus on. There’s opportunity for questions and clarifications during lecture, which is what I missed in my previous online courses. The information got updated as we went through the notes. The boards are changing all the time, Uworld reflects this, and even First Aid has errors. So it is to be expected that a few updates will be made here and there, but that gets worked out as much as possible through lecture, drills, tutoring, and of course your own studies. In my experience, everything I needed was in the notes provided by the program. Be careful not to use too many resources, as you’ll be spread too thin and not cover the high-yield information enough times. After attending all the lectures in the 8WEEK cycle, I only attended the lectures on topics I found helpful to review again.TutoringThis is where I finally learned how to successfully attack step 2. There is a strategy to answering board-style questions. Some students come by this naturally, and are out killin’ it on the boards. I didn’t have that skill before I came to GOLDUSMLE. Through working with the tutors it became clear what my weaknesses were and we could work specifically to develop new strategies and habits. The tutors assessed the way I approached questions and helped me change my bad habits. Every student in the program has something different that’s holding them back on boards, but the tutors can help them address it and fix it. The tutors were all really nice and made learning fun. They’re around the learning center all day and are happy to take a moment to answer student questions with your study group. Each tutor has their strengths, so I was periodically assigned different tutors based on my needs, to maximize my benefit. No other review course has this level of personalized coaching. The catch is, you have to be willing to take advice and make changes to the way you do things.  It’s not enough to memorize information, you have to be able to recall and use it critically under pressure.  Everyone is learning together and helping each other out. No one gets shamed for not knowing or forgetting something. I found everyone to be very supportive, sharing helpful memory crutches and tips. Personal study as with any education, you’ll get out of the Goldusmle program what you put into it. A program like Goldusmle can help you improve your strategy and score, and offers a good environment for studying, but you must be present and engaged to benefit from it. .I highly recommend this program. I have shared my experience as a student working on step 1.  They’ll be able to give you a good picture of what the program has to offer.  Again, I can attest to the success of the program, as can many others who struggled with boards and are now in residencies. It worked for me, so I know it can work for you.”

 -Dr. Sarah C.



” I came to Goldusmle initially for my step 1 and am about to take my step 2 through the program Basically I love this program! As someone who struggled a lot with the material of step 1 esp after graduating from medical school Goldusmle taught me how to approach questions better and how to excel in the material in the way needed for these exams. Between drills, tutoring and lecture you hit the material in different forms and learn to tackle the most high yield information.  You have to put in the effort and be willing to change and do things the way Dr. THOMAS , tells you too as well as the tutors. If you don’t do what they tell of you, don’t expect to see a difference, you have to be willing to listen. I believe in his method of questions and practicing NBME’s like it’s the real exam. It helps you mentally be in control of everything around you because on that day that’s all you have control over. I learned what to eat and how to get myself in the zone on test day. Every little piece they teach you here helps. After passing my step 1 exam with Goldusmle. I would def recommend this program to ppl who need help studying for their exam or if they feel like their score has plateaued. If you have timing issues, Goldusmle can help, if your knowledge is weak, they can help, if you just need a quick refresher and solid drills and tutoring leading up to your exam Goldusmle can definitely cut down your study time.”  

-Dr. Linda D.



“I have always heard the term, “knowing is half the battle.” In preparing for the USMLE Step 1 this could not have been more accurate!! After attempting and failing, I sought the advice of a mentor, friend and colleague who recommended GOLDUSMLE STEP 1 program. I had already made up my mind that I was not willing to go any further but decided to give this program a chance. Let me tell you it was the best decision ever. The program fitted perfectly with my personality. It is dynamic, ever changing, challenging and focused on treating each student as the individual he or she is. This program ensures that you understand the nature of the exam and the material associated with the exam, not just give endless information, but separates out what we need and how to apply. In my opinion having tried other programs, I got the best deal and GOLDUSMLE is comparable to none!!! Despite having the flu,  I was still able to score above 250. 

-Dr Emilio C.