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New York Premium Gold CS Workshop

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Our Brand New building will be in Valley Stream, NY only minutes from JFK airport. OUR NY GOLDUSMLE Step2 CS REVIEW CENTER IS NOW LOCATED VERY CLOSE TO JFK AIRPORT.WE ARE LOCATED IN THE:

71 SOUTH CENTRAL AVE, VALLEY STREAM, NY 11580 (2nd Floor) suite 201

CS workshops + 12 case MOCK EXAMS WILL BE AVAILABLE ON REQUEST CALL (917)346-9552 for availability
PRIVATE 1on1 individual CS TRAINING AVAILABLE call 1-917-346-9552

Our state-of-the art CLINIC SUITE will have PHYSICAL EXAMINATION TABLES, LECTURE HALL, REAL Multiple Live Sps, for MAXIMUM focus and attention. The Sps are equipped with patient GOWNS+DRAPES, and will be located at different stations in OUR CLINIC. Each Workshop Center will have FULL CS equipment(fundoscopes, otoscopes, reflex hammers, tuning forks, pt gowns on SPs, drapes, clipboards etc).

We are conveniently located very close to the JOHN F. KENNEDY International Airport, you can book your flights to JFK, Laguardia Airport is also close. Our location at VALLEY STREAM, NY is only minutes away from the JOHN F KENNEDY airport, you will never miss your flight. The workshop will take place at the address above.

Our GoldUSMLE step 2 CS review covers all of the following:

  • Empathy Preparation:  A Communication Instructor explains how to display Clinical Empathy.  You will learn the Basic Understanding of Empathy for both Adult and Pediatric encounters.  After the discuss you will practice your skills.
  • Full Day Practice Examination with Several Standardized Patients Encounters in a medical-clinic environment. Each examination room is fully-equipped with all medical instruments, a stool, and an examination table – to prepare you for the actual exam.
  • Computer generated announcements with time lines similar to what you will experience in the actual CS exam.
  • Examination Proctor – to oversee the exam.
  • Video monitored exam by Staff Physicians.
  • Physician-evaluated and graded Patient Notes on 100% of your cases
  • Multiple Unique Encounters – including phone encounters
  • Encounters with Challenging Emotions and Questions
  • Standardized Patient will provide you with 1-on-1 individualized feedback
  • Receive individualized feedback on 100% of your cases
  • Receive written feedback on all your cases.
  • Feedback by a Staff Physician – all of your encounters
  • Detailed Statistical Analysis – at the completion of the exam showing your improvements in each assessed area compared to your Diagnostic Exam.
  • Discussion of Test Results – individualized for each student via one-on-one interaction with our Staff Physicians. [Recommendations are made for further improvements].
  • Data Gathering and Data Interpretation:  The morning is devoted to understanding how to approach various cases and what Physical Examination should be completed for each case.
    • Review Clinical Knowledge related to Patient encounters.
    • Review of Complex Cases: Blank Doorway,Rape, Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, Depression, Hallucinations etc.
  • Practice Communication Skills from specific areas of your weaknesses with Communication Instructor and/or Standardized Patients.  You are given specific scenarios that may pose a challenge for you in the actual examination and you practice the Interview, Closure, Counseling, and Challenging questions.
  • Focused and Individualized assignments are given based on deficiencies seen during encounters and examination performance.
  • Patient note assignment given
  • Clinical Empathy Skills practiced with various scenarios.
    • After class study instructions – given by our Physicians.
    • Patient Note assignments discussed.
    • Student-Instructor Wrap-up – at the conclusion of each Workshop each student is given direct access to the Physician Instructor.

***EVERY GOLDUSMLE STEP2 cs workshop will consist of at least 1-2 Simulated 12 case Mock Exam. Please make your payment below and fill out the Registration Form above, we will attach your registration to your payment receipt and you will be sent a Econfirmation email with your receipt.


A) 1 Day Mock Exam GoldUSMLE Simulated Exam

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B) 2 day GoldUSMLE step 2 CS workshop

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(1 day intensive training+ 1 mock 12-18 case exam)

GoldUSMLE step 2 CS workshop

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C) 3 day GoldUSMLE step 2 CS workshop

((2 days intensive training + 1 Mock 12-18 case exam)

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D) 4 day GoldUSMLE step 2 CS workshop

(3 days of intensive training + 1 Mock 12-18 case exam)

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E) 5 day GoldUSMLE step 2 CS workshop

(3 days of Intensive training + 2x Mock 12-18 case exams)
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FREE PARKING OUTSIDE THE FACILITY- Bonus additional handouts to 4th and 5th day students

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