Cancellation policy/exchanges

No Refund policy There is a strict no refund policy and only EXCHANGES are permitted to any date until 2028. We need to fund patients and facility expenses well in advance of the course. You can exchange to any date in the future. We need to provide at least 12 cases for the students and we cannot send home or cancel patients. We also reject students once a class or exam becomes full, so it is important to show up on time to every class or exam. Any no show or tardiness to a practice exam will result in the student having to pay again for that exam as we are running on a set schedule and we cannot delay the exam process for 1 student. Any disruptive behavior or IRREGULAR behavior in class or during the practical exam process will result in dismissal without refund.  


Exam scheduling assistance policy Once we assign you with a test date you have requested from our student pool, you are expected to keep that selected date and show up for that exam. Any plans of altering or adjusting the date will cost $250 per request as a lot of time and effort is put into finding the date and matching you with the right date. No exceptions will be made.